400 Series

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400 Series

Jamb Nut

Fiberglass Form Tie, Fiberglass all thead, fiberglass bolt, pencil rod

400 Series Modular Tie

Fiberglass Form Tie, Fiberglass all thead, fiberglass bolt, pencil rod, steelply, modular forming

1000 Series

Fiberglass Form Tie


Easy stripping and finishing of form work

Very light weight

Perfect for custom size ties / cut to length in the field

Ideal steel or fiberglass pencil rod replacement!


No thermal bridging

​​​Over the past 25 years fiberglass form ties have done little in the way of innovation. They have always been a product of last resort due to pricing and lack of ancillary products to allow them to be used easily and effectively. That all changes NOW!

Sigma's 400 series fiberglass form tie is made from our robust 0.400 inch (10mm) fiberglass rod composed of vinylester resin and E-CR glass. The 1000 series is made from the same chemistry with a diameter of 1.000 inches. Our proprietary thread is ground into the solid fiberglass rod to create the strongest fiberglass thread on the market. This enables contractors to simply thread on a nut to create a form tie instead of using complicated and cumbersome wedge gripping products. By threading the bolt we eliminate hassle for both the contractor and distributor, making it as easy or easier to use than steel ties! Of further importance, there is zero slip once load is applied, eliminating a worrisome issue regarding other fiberglass ties. Spin on the nut and then spin off when forming is finished. No PATCHING required! The cost savings in labor is enormous and many find our ties work better for them than traditional steel ties. 

Sigma 1000 Series ties have been used in large heavy duty forming applications in place of she bolts and taper ties. A big reason for using Sigma 1000 Series fiberglass form ties is the cost related to stripping and finishing thick sections such as bridge abutments, diaphragms, pier caps. With the 1000 Series Tie, you simply grind the tie flush to the face and you are finished - basically a built in patch! There is no plug, patch, or other finish work required. On these thick sections, the removable steel ties could get stuck and then would need to get cut out along with chipping around the concrete to get the appropriate depth of cover on the patch. These troublesome ties cost large sums of time and money on the job site. There are no such issues using the Sigma 1000 Series. They were the tie of choice for Kiewit/Weeks/Massman joint venture on the Goethals Bridge in NY/NJ.



400 Series Simple Installation