Mateendowel, fiberglass dowel bars

Mateendowel™ are corrosion resistant smooth fiberglass dowels for jointed concrete pavements. They can be installed with steel baskets, plastic baskets, or loose using either a DBI (dowel bar inserter) machine or drill and dowel applications for retrofit. Mateendowels have also been installed on precast panels for highway construction in New York and New Jersey. We have literally 100's of thousands of our dowel bars in I-84 going through Boise, Idaho and working flawlessly over the past 4 years.

Due to Mateendowel™ being invisible to radio waves, they are perfect for Tolling Plazas where steel reinforcement can interfere with the communication between the overhead gantry transmitters and receivers in the car.

Performance of MateenDowels™
Shear Strength -- MateenDowels™ shear strength is an average of 440 kN
Moisture Absorption - virtually non-existent in Mateen : <0.1%
Superior Load Transfer Efficiency (LTE)
Glass Transition Temperature: Mateen™ recommends 100º C (212º F)
  Easy DOT verification of quality and consistency of dowels via Short Beam Shear Testing
   Works with standard slip form and DBI Paving machines
  Unique DOT approved Dowel Basket Modification for superior installation and performance

Use in DBI, DBR, Pre-Cast, or Basket (including Toll Booths)