We have been changing the way industries think about structural fiberglass components for years. We do not enter any market unless there is a major advantage in the use of the products we develop.


We have adapted our market leading technology in fiberglass rebar and bolts to make a sandwich panel connector pin that is stronger in every measure than the leading competition. The Sigma Pin is made from an epoxy modified vinylester and E-CR glass for extreme durability and strength. Installation is a breeze with a custom installation adapter that spins the pin through the foam to the perfect depth every time.

With center to center spacing as wide as 24", it is possible to see a reduction of 60% in the amount of pins required for the project. Of course, this provides material and labor savings for the contractor. Use the Sigma Pin for your next insulated wall panel project and prove to yourself the advantages of a superior pin.
















Video Courtesy of Tony Adlkirchner

Sigma Pin Installation

Sigma Pin Installation

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