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Check out our new website dedicated just to our ever expanding line of Fiberglass Form Ties! WWW.FIBERGLASSFORMTIES.COM

No patching, no rust stains, blends in with concrete face, create custom length ties on the fly! Fiberglass ties for modular forming, board forming, architectural, drill & dowel, battered walls, form liner and more!

No complicated gripping system, just a threaded rod and a nut. High Performance & Easy to Use.

Easy stripping and finishing of form work, faster installation time versus other fiberglass systems, steel pencil rod, she bolts and taper ties.

Sigma's new insulated concrete sandwich panel connectors are made from a highly robust vinylester resin and E-CR glass. This gives our pin the highest possible durability and strength.

Typical spacing on 2" and 3" thick foam insulation is 24" centers which greatly reduces labor and cost on installation. Inquire for specific applications.

The custom adapter also spins the pin through the foam which eliminates pre-drilling and blowouts that can result from pushing the pin through the foam.

Mateenbolt™ fiberglass rock bolts are ideal for ground support in mining and tunneling methods that require temporary or permanent reinforcement. Mateenbolt™ fiberglass rock bolts are easily cut with conventional mining equipment while not causing damage or down time unlike steel rock bolts. Our bolts do not spark, get jammed in equipment, tear belts, all while increasing a mine's productivity. Mining methods that use or should consider using fiberglass bolts are:

Longwall Coal Mining, Retreat Coal Mining (Pillaring operation), Stope (drill and blast), Drift (cut and fill)

Mateendowel™ is the best fiberglass dowel on the market. It is the lowest cost alternative to corrosion resistant dowels and can also be price competitive to epoxy steel. It is the lowest life cycle cost product due to the incredible durability of our fiberglass.

Mateendowel™ can be installed with steel baskets and also with dowel bar insertion (DBI) paving machine. Mateendowels have also been installed in dowel bar retrofit (DBR) applications for concrete pavement.

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Sigma DG Corporation specializes in fiberglass composite systems ranging from concrete form ties, bolts, sandwich panel and buidling systems, rebar, and dowel bars. Formed in 2010, Sigma partnered with Pultron Composites out of New Zealand to bring their world class fiberglass products to the North American market. While the original product offering was composed of fiberglass rebar and smooth dowels for highway and bridge construction, the products we now offer range from light concrete forming to heavy civil and bridge construction, underground mining, highly energy efficient building envelop products, and even oil production (Sigma Lift Solutions).

Sigma prides itself on having a very unique product offering which can not be found from any other fiberglass manufacturer or distributor on the planet. Sigma has spent years refining the vendors that make our highly custom precision steel and fiberglass parts to make our offerings second to none with unmatched quality.

The goal is to constantly innovate and iterate to bring new products to market and to use existing products in different ways to give you a competitive advantage in your industry. Give us a call and see how we can make things happen for you.



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